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ROOMMATES is a faux-reality Web series about eight former college roommates who just can't bear to be apart after graduation. In an attempt to keep their group of friends together, Peyton, Violet, Heather, and Sigourney agree to allow their friend Justin to videotape their lives for his new MySpace reality show (in actual reality, the whole shebang is completely scripted). The four move from their Florida college digs into a Los Angeles home that has been wired with cameras and computers to capture their every moment. Meanwhile, Chloe, Alysse, Candra, and "The Shaz" get to watch what's going on and post video blogs while they live their own lives out in the real world. Being on Justin's show lets the women interact directly with the larger MySpace community, in addition to each other. They post videos and even participate in online discussions. But while they create relationships with all the folks on MySpace, they find their friendships strained by the appearance of old flames and new conflicts. Dealing with these issues isn't easy, especially with the added pressure of knowing that their behavior is being taped for the world to see.