Talking Bones 2
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Shang Jie (Gao Ren) is a captain in the serious crimes division of the police force. One day, his commanding officer tells him that his unit must work alongside a forensics team led by the expert Xia Ying (Zhang Ling Xin). This, the officer says, is due to staff shortages – and also so the teams can learn from each others’ “strengths.” Their first task is to solve a puzzling case that begins with the discovery of a car found submerged in the middle of a frozen river in a countryside valley. When the police lift the car out of the river, they discover the body of a young woman inside the vehicle. The mystery deepens when the duo begins to investigate – and discover a number of items that may not belong to the young woman. Was somebody else involved in the incident? Could there have been a second victim? Could a murderer have caused the young woman’s death? The two units work together in a bid to discover the truth. And while working together proves to be a difficult task for these two very different sets of investigators, they inch closer to the truth. But solving this crime will only be the start for the officers – a score of other perplexing mysteries await. And only Shang Jie and Xia Ying have what it takes to solve them all! “Talking Bones 2” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Hu Yao Zhi.