The Cheetah Diaries
Available on Pluto TV, MagellanTV Documentaries
This time on the Cheetah Diaries, the four remaining bat-eared fox pups face a struggle for survival. Cheetah Outreach founder Annie stops by to observe their progress. These are unusual conditions; the pups would normally have been left with their mother for at least three days. However, the team had no option, but to remove them from her care after she was found eating one of her young. Annie is hopeful they will make it through the first, crucial 24 hours. The Anatolian puppies are growing up. In order to prepare them for their future life as guard dogs for livestock, they are introduced to the resident sheep for the first time. For now, the sheep are bigger than the pups and there is a fair share of bullying from the woolly rascals. Three of the cheetah cubs are off to the vet, including the timidest of the lot, Pego. Handler Emily is hoping that she will cope with the unfamiliar situation. And finally ambassador cheetah, Joseph threatens to ruin a young man’s special moment as he plays an important role in an engagement.