The Unremarkable Juanquini
Available on Netflix
THE UNREMARKABLE JUANQUINI (a.k.a. Chichipato), is a Colombian comedy series about a mediocre magician who unexpectedly finds himself in a lot of trouble. The humble Juan "Juanquini" Morales (Antonio Sanint) loves magic, and works hard to make a living. His manager and wife Margot (María Cecilia Sánchez) is fully supportive, but his children, the entrepreneurial Monica (Marian Gómez) and the love-sick Samuel (Julián Cerati) aren't as committed. Juanquini is trying to up his game by mastering a disappearing act, but as hard as he tries, he can't seem to get things back once they're gone. When he accidentally makes the drug lord known as "Nato" (Biassini Segura) completely disappear during a police raid, El Capi González (Júlio César Herrera) thinks he's a criminal accessory, and is about to make his life miserable. As Juanquini tries to prove his innocence, and his family tries to adjust to his absence, strange mystical events begin to occur, suggesting that the magician is more powerful than he thinks he is.