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TIDELANDS takes place in a small coastal fishing village called Orphelin Bay, where ex-con Calliope "Cal" McTeer (Charlotte Best) returns home after a ten-year stint for arson and manslaughter. Hoping to cash in on her inheritance -- her fisherman father died shortly before she was incarcerated at age 14 -- she meets up with her brother Augie (Aaron Jakubenko), who reveals the true nature of the family business: running drugs. He does so with the help of the mysterious "Tidelanders", a reclusive group of half-human, half-sirens who live in a heavily-guarded shantytown of sorts, led by the magnetic Adrielle Cuthbert (Elsa Pataky). Unfazed by her brother's criminal connections, Cal wants in on the action but soon finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her family, her town, and herself.