Un Poquito Tuyo
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Antonio Solano grew up in a world of austerity. Spending hard years immersed in poverty gave him the strength to get a college degree and succeed in his profession. Currently, Antonio enjoys a privileged life and works very hard to provide for his family. However, everyone has taken advantage of his weakness. His wife, Catalina, and their children, Eduardo, Viviana and Javier, do nothing but spend money on frivolities. A crisis erupts when Antonio's birthday arrives and no one in his family remembers. Antonio decides that the time has come to correct his mistake, and he tells his family that there will be a radical change in everyone's life: if someone wants money, they must earn it with the sweat of their brows. No one agrees with Antonio's drastic decision, but destiny has a surprise reserved for him when he comes across Julieta Vargas, a brave, sweet and dreamy woman who leaves her fiancé after a major disappointment, causing chaos in Antonio's life.