Waiting For You
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In order to find her lost husband, He Wu Zhou (Fu Tian Jiao), the 31-year-old Xia Bai Lu (Cao Xi Wen) brought her 5-year-old son, He Tong Tong (Sun Qi Chao), with her to Beijing. Because of the house she rented, she met tutor Du Fen Fang (Liu Cheng Xia), and because of her part-time job, she met An He Ping (Wang Lan), who is pregnant with a daughter. An He Ping is He Wu Zhou's ex-wife, and Du Fen Fang's husband is the one who denounced He Wu Zhou for embezzlement. At the clothing wholesale market, Xia Bai Lu met a foe who soon became her friend. During her studying process, she was met with unexpected feelings. Right as she was able to start making a living in Beijing, He Wu Zhou's surprise appearance revealed many secrets one -by-one. He Wu Zhou, who is addicted to gambling, committed all kinds of crimes, putting three families in crises. The tough Xia Bai Lu wasn't defeated by life, and her spirit moved everybody. Under everyone's help, she took her first steps into starting a business. “Waiting For You” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Zhang Feng.