Mother's Wish
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Mother’s Wish brings together the stories of ten women from all around the world. All the stories have one thing in common, motherhood: having a mother in one’s life or the lack of one has been a decisive factor in the fate of every one of our main characters. Motherhood is a lifelong journey whose twists and turns we can’t predict. The stories told by the women form a poetic and emotional film about motherhood and love: about the moments of happiness after a child is born and about how proud a mother feels when she’s able to send her children to school in difficult conditions. The film also tells about tragic events, guilt and fears and about how mothers worry about their children. Above all, the film tells about surviving; these women have struggled and overcome unbelievable hardships. They give us hope of a better tomorrow. The film was directed by award-winning director Joonas Berghäll.
Starring Joonas Berghäll, Karen L. Nyberg
Director Joonas Berghäll