20 30 40
From writer, director and star Sylvia Chang, 20:30:40 is a humorous and touching look at women's loves, lives and dreams. A comedic concoction set in fast-paced modern-day Taipei, Taiwan, 20:30:40 interweaves the stories of three women and the complex emotional choices they face. Innocent and impressionable Xiao Jie (Angelica Lee) escapes her overbearing parents to follow her dream of a pop music career. Flight attendant Xiang Xiang (René Liu), 30, in a turbulent affair with a married man, lives life with a heady mixture of conflict and passion. Lily Zhao (Chang), a 40-year-old divorcée, bravely faces a new life as a single woman. All three come to a realization through the drama of their relationships, and find that the future is not what they had envisioned.
Starring Sylvia Chang, Rene Liu, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong
Director Sylvia Chang