One Under the Sun
An international mission to Mars launches amid global tensions. For mission commander Kathryn Voss, the decision to leave her terminally ill daughter is heart-wrenching, but the child insists that Kathryn fulfill her commitment. Three years later, Kathryn is the only survivor of a catastrophic accident on re-entry, a crash that officials claim killed everyone onboard, news that devastates Kathryn’s daughter, who has been clinging to life. Instead of being reunited with her family, Kathryn is confined to a secret government facility—interrogated by agents who consider her too dangerous to be allowed to leave. Desperate to see her daughter one lasts time, Kathryn escapes and begins a literal and spiritual journey toward understanding the extraordinary power she has now has. Aided by memories of her fellow astronauts, she finally understands her ability to connect the whole human race and give them a vision of a world without war.
Starring Pooja Batra, Gene Farber, Ava Cantrell
Director Vincent Tran, Riyaana Hartley