Phobia 2
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The screaming experience from 2008 is about to return again with a portmanteau horror film by the five most talented film directors. ‘Novice’ - A fourteen-year-old Pey has committed a crime, so his mom decides that he must get ordained to become a Buddhist novice to escape. Under the guise of a monk Pey remains unnoticed as a criminal. However, something deep down inside is bothering him. Will Pey's Karma catch up with him? ‘Backpackers’ – A young Japanese couple waves a 1,000 Baht note in the hope to entice passing cars to take them from Samui Island to Bangkok. Finally, a truck driver pulls over and picks them up. They have no idea what is inside the truck’s trailer. It’s something that will cause an adrenalin rush like no other. ‘In the End’ – Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey are the movie crew of an upcoming horror movie. On the last night, Puak tells one of the cast members that, “the show must go on”. So when that she accidentally dies during filming, she makes sure to come back from the dead to play her role til the end. ‘Salvage’ – Nuch is a car dealer. She makes her living by rebuilding severely damaged cars. But little do unsuspecting bargain hunters know, beneath the new upholstery and shiny repainted exteriors are cars with horrific pasts. One night she discovers her son is missing. Reviewing the security camera tapes, she sees her son climb inside a car but nowhere on tape has him climbing out! ‘Ward’ – Arthit, a playful teenager, crashes his bike and breaks both legs. At the hospital he is moved to a shared room. In the room, there is an old man in a coma who has been waiting for his family to decide to pull the plug on his oxygen. What happens that night will make Arthit realize that being alone is always better than being around bad company. Don’t be surprised if you are addicted to fear!
Starring Jirayu La-ongmanee, Ray MacDonald, Worrawech Danuwong
Director Paween Purijitpanya, Visute Poolvoralaks