Queen's Bench III
This backwater village seems to be the favourite spot for lovers. Tonight, at least two pairs are meeting there clandestinely. Hui who has sinned but is determined to reform is meeting his former girl friend Ling, now being kept by a rich man. And Ken hurts his girl Ai mortally in their game of love and torture. Hui finds a dying Ai. The villagers think they have caught Hui red-handed. A lynching party is on. The village chief who is Ken's father decides to frame Hui for his son's crime.The trial is a sensation. The prosecution is conducted by James Fong who has never lost a case and the defense is done by Chang, a young barrister. Chang believes in Hui's innocence. He even summons Ling to testify. But the prosecution is producing Ken as a witness to Hui's crime. When the case seems to have been lost, Chang goes to his old master for help. And it is during the cross-examination when the truth comes out. Thus, in QB III, justice is done and is publicly seem to be done.
Starring Carol "Do Do" Cheng, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Alfred Cheung
Director Alfred Cheung