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Vezir Parmağı

Vezir Parmağı

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The story takes place in the past and centers around 31 women, who lost their husbands, fathers and sons in the war. In their magnificent journey, we see them take charge and ask the government to urgently send them men to wed. Five single men from around the country with very different backgrounds are selected for the women. The selected men actually don’t know the truth, and think that they are going to war. The lucky porters or human donkeys as they are called have no clue what awaits them on their journey. After 25 years without men, the women are eager for their arrival. When the men and women meet, comedy ensues. The film will have audiences both laughing and crying as they watch a moving film that reveals the strengths and the subtleties of women’s souls.
Starring Selim Bayraktar, Mahsun Kirmizigül, Ece Uslu
Director Mahsun Kirmizigül