In the children’s ward of St Luke’s Hospital, Sam Cooper (Joel Brown) is waiting at the top of the transplant list for a new liver. His mother, Dr. Lisa Cooper (Natalie Becker), head of cardiac surgery, is completely helpless, despite saving her patients’ lives every single day, there is nothing she can do to save her son’s life. When a liver finally becomes available and is destroyed en route to the hospital, the alternative of sourcing an illegal organ becomes her only option. She turns her back on the system she has devoted her life to and the two secretly head off to New Day Clinic in East Africa. Once behind the derelict walls of the facility, Sam is taken and used as a pawn to force Lisa into performing a heart transplant for a wealthy American patient, Clayton Taylor. Knowing that in order to harvest a heart and perform the transplant, she will need to take the life of a young, innocent girl to get Sam back, she is faced with the devastating reality that some lives are simply more valuable.
Starring Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Natalie Becker Aakervik, Deon Lotz
Director Shane Vermooten