Meri Jung: One Man Army
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A daring young man, Ganesh, comes to the city and with the help of a fun loving auto rickshaw driver, stays in a middle class housing society. In the locality, some college students confront him, but he refuses to get involved in any brawl with them. Then one day, due to some circumstances he has to fight some local thugs to save the college students. Everybody in the neighborhood likes him--especially Priya, a talkative young girl, who falls for him. Soon the rowdies of a don called “Sathya” kill a police constable, who is staying in the same society, right in front of the people. Unable to bear the loss of her husband, his wife tries to commit suicide. Ganesh stops her and assures her that he will get justice. He subsequently sheds the mask of a soft, fun loving guy and declares war on Sathya, his son Seshu and their gang in the name of the Mass. During one of the encounters, Priya finds out that Ganesh is the Mass and he has to reveal his real intention of coming to the city. He tells her that he is an automobile mechanic from another city and is an orphan. All he has in the world is his friend Aadi and his parents. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a girl called Anjali, who is none other than the daughter of Sathya. When Seshu comes to know about it, he comes to the city and forcefully takes Anjali back home. When Aadi tries to stop him, he mercilessly kills him. That’s the real reason for Mass to come to the city to take revenge on Seshu and Sathya and take Anjali back with him.
Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Jyothika
Director Raghava Lawrence