The Wave I Ride
Paige Alms is among an elite group of surfers who dedicate their lives to riding giants. Paige grew up with Pe'ahi in her backyard, a proving ground for all big wave surfers. Also known as 'Jaws,' the break gets its nickname for the toothy wave that rolls through the lineup, enticing those who wish to test their wits. Historically dominated by the boys, big wave surfing isn't for the faint of heart. Some even say it's not for women. But Paige Alms defies the boundaries of big wave surfing every time she paddles into a bomb to put herself up against one of nature's most ultimate forces. Paige's story is told in The Wave I Ride, what she does in the ocean by any standard is incredible, but to do so with such humility and passion is what separates her from the rest. This is not just another surf film. It's not about aerials and cut backs. It's the story of what the ocean gives this woman's soul and what she gives back.
Starring Paige Alms, Greg Long, Carissa Moore
Director Devyn Bisson