Edward Holcroft

Edward Holcroft

Though he always had a creative streak, Edward Holcroft wasn't inspired to become an actor until a fateful experience during college. Up until that point, Holcroft-the son of the publishing director at Vanity Fair and the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire-was intent on becoming a musician. After his friends encouraged him to participate in a school play, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for Holcroft, and he quickly switched his focus to acting. He moved into the professional sphere with some impressive theatre credits, like a production of "Jerusalem" at the Royal Court Theatre in 2011. But soon the young performer moved his efforts to the screen, appearing in the supernatural romp "Vampire Academy" (2014). Before long, he landed a leading role in the explosively popular spy movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service" (2015), opening him up to a wider audience than ever before. This led to Holcroft being cast as the doomed George Boleyn in the critically lauded historical miniseries "Wolf Hall" (BBC, 2015) alongside Mark Rylance. His image as a rakish young spy would prove difficult to shake however, and he returned to the espionage genre with a starring role on the miniseries "London Spy" (BBC, 2015). Throughout this climb to fame, Holcroft continued his musical endeavors, recording and releasing songs via internet streaming services, and even signing a recording contract with Universal Music Group.