A Warmed Up Love
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Kiki Inoue (Mori Nana) is 21 years old. She is haunted by her past failures, and has fallen into a state of lethargy. She works part-time at a convenience store, but finds some sense of joy in trying new sweets and reviewing them on her social media account. Meanwhile, Takumi Asaba (Tomoya Nakamura), is the CEO of the same convenience store chain. He seems cold, aloof, and indifferent to other people’s feelings to those who do not know him well. He has been tasked with reversing the fortunes of the chain. Rival firms are outperforming this chain, and he has resolved to change that. When he stumbles upon Kiki Inoue’s social media account, he has an idea. He hopes to enlist her help – unaware that she is actually one of his company’s employees – to help him develop sweets to sell at the chain’s stores. When the two meet, she is also unaware that he is the store’s CEO. But eventually, they forge a partnership and she moves to a job in the chain’s production department. As they start to work together, the slowly begin to develop feelings for one another. Can they transform the chain’s financial outcomes with their new treats? And will a “sweet” romance follow? “A Warmed Up Love” is a 2020 Japanese drama series that was directed by Tsuboi Toshio and Okamoto Shingo.