Katakoi Gourmet Nikki
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After falling in love with Hiraoka Naoya (Hiraoka Yuta) while watching him enjoy a beef bowl, thirty-something manga editor, Tokoro “Koro” Madoka’s (Motokariya Yuika) life was changed forever. Unsure of how to approach one of her company’s most popular men, Koro sought the advice of one of her co-workers who advised her to follow Naoya on a grand food-related adventure. Her thought was that if Koro couldn’t enjoy a meal with Naoya himself, she could at least enjoy the same meal on her own and maybe learn a little something about the man at the same time.  Taking this advice to heart, Koro began to follow in Naoya’s footsteps, so to speak, by enjoying the same meals he often enjoyed himself. While Koro has indulged in a surprising number of delicious meals since first beginning this grand adventure, she’s more than a little sad to admit that she hasn’t really gotten much closer to Naoya, at least not in any personal way. Although she has learned quite a bit about her office crush through the food they’ve shared.  Continuing to follow Naoya on his delectable food adventures, Koro hopes that someday soon she’ll find a way to connect with her crush in a much more tangible way. But can sharing meals in such a roundabout way really bring any sort of change to Koro’s unrequited love? Picking up where “One-sided Love Gourmet Diary” (2020) left off, “One-sided Love Gourmet Diary 2” is a 2022 Japanese romance drama directed by Hirabayashi Katsutoshi.