I'm a Pet At Dali Temple
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As a modern girl, living in a modern world, Ru Xiao Lan (Hu Yi Xuan) wasn’t one to give much thought to fairy tales and fantasies. But her thoughts on the subject take a very dramatic turn, after an accidental brush with a magical five-colored stone sends her hurtling into an ancient era, taking on a completely unexpected form in the process. Now forced to roam the Da Li Temple as a lonely feline, Xiao Lan is desperate to find a way out of her unfortunate predicament. On one of her daily strolls around the temple grounds, Xiao Lan happens upon Qing Mo Yan (Xu Kai Cheng), a young constable at the temple who happens to be suffering from a mysterious poison. By chance the two happen to kiss, an incident which brings about a very interesting and unexpected result. With the solution to both of their problems now abundantly clear, the two afflicted souls realize that the only hope for a cure lies with each other. With no other options before them, the two agree it’s best if they stick together.  Determined to find the five-colored stone that can break Xiao Lan’s curse and the ghost grass that can neutralize Mo Yan’s poison, the two set off on an incredible journey that will change both of their lives forever.  Adapted from the novel of the same name by Mo Shang Ren Ru Yu, “I’m a Pet At Dali Temple” is a 2018 fantasy romance drama directed by David Liu.