My Girlfriend is an Alien 2
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Chai Xiao Qi (Wan Peng) is an alien woman whose craft crashed on Earth, causing Fang Leng (Bie Thassapak Hsu), a handsome but overbearing CEO to have a traffic accident. She used her alien powers to save him, but this meant that she became marooned on the planet. She also found herself irresistibly attracted to him, and eventually, the two found love. Everything was set for a happy ending, with the duo set to tie the knot. But, on the day of her wedding, as she was preparing to say “I do,” Chai Xiao Qi was taken away by Jiang Shi Yi (Wan Yan Luo Rong), a being from the same planet as Chai Xiao Qi who was previously designated as her perfect mate. Chai Xiao Qi manages to escape and tries to return to Earth. But when she does so, she travels through the wrong worm hole... She awakes to find herself next to Fang Leng again. But there’s a complication: He doesn’t seem to have any idea who she is...because she has actually traveled back a year in time! She is still besotted with him and tries to win his heart “back,” but he seems to be utterly disinterested in her advances. She tries everything she can in order to win his attention, but he keeps pushing her away. Can Chai Xiao Qi recover her true love, or will he keep on rejecting her? “My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Deng Ke and Gao Cong Kai.