Page Turner
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A page turner is the person who turns the pages of the music score for the performer. The page turner must be neither faster than nor slower than the performer and must turn the pages silently. As if not even present onstage, they must wear clothes that do not stand out, enter one step behind and leave one step ahead of the performer, like a ghost of the stage.This \"ghost of the stage\" must keep rhythm as a partner of the piano player, the audience member closest to the performer, and potentially an evil presence that can ruin the performance. Our lives contain this kind of page turner. Among the young characters in this drama is the main character, who performs on the stage, and the page turner, who helps them. How will the stage of these young people look? On this stage, who is the star and who will end up turning the page? They shine through unpredictable performances, but we can take a peek at the moment these pained youths turn the page.