Rose and Knight
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Hong Xing Xing (Li Huan) is a 24-year-old woman who can’t hold down a job. She used to serve in the military special forces, where she rose to the rank of captain. She is extraordinarily strong, a skilled fighter, and has a sense of discipline that is second to none. Since leaving the army, she has begun working as a martial arts tutor for children, but she soon loses this job due to her unquenchable zeal. Wei Lan (Qin Xiao Xuan), meanwhile, is the new CEO of the Runshi Group, a powerful business corporation. He has studied abroad, where he majored in biopharmaceuticals and management. And he is something of a genius – able to spot problems from a mile off, and solve them in an instant. He is not the warmest individual around, but his eye for detail is unrivaled. When Hong Xing Xing intervenes in what she thinks is a robbery involving Wei Lan, their destinies begin to intertwine – and he is eventually obliged to take her on as an assistant. Their bizarre relationship gets off to a very awkward start, but they slowly begin to develop feelings for one another. Could this justice-loving ex-soldier really end up falling for her new, work-obsessed boss? “Rose and Knight” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Liu Tan.