The Secret of Love
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Eight years ago, Su Yi (Yuan Yu Xuan) was caught in a blazing fire, a traumatic incident that leaves her disfigured and wipes her memory. In another traumatic blow, her father was killed in a traffic incident. Now, she is on a quest to learn the truth behind these incidents and regain her memory. Her personal mission leads her to cross paths with Li Jia Cheng (Liu Yi Chang), the aloof and distant heir to the wealthy Li family fortune and business empire. Due to the fact that her appearance has changed since her childhood days, he does not recognize her. And because her memory has been affected, Su Yi also has no recollection of having met Li Jia Cheng before. But as they spend more time together, they begin to get a feeling that their pasts were once somehow intertwined. Despite their initial distrust of one another, could this duo team up and help one another? And will Su Yi ever discover what really happened eight years ago? “The Secret of Love” is a 2021 Chinese drama that was directed by Tan You Ye.