Unique Lady 2
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Lin Luo Jing (Zheng Qiu Hong) is an electronics student who decides to take part in a gaming contest. But this proves to be a very fateful decision on her part – as she is magically sucked into the screen and finds herself stuck in a fantastic, fictionalized version of the Chinese past. Once stuck in the gaming world, she longs to escape, but her quest to do so leads her to cross paths with four male suitors, all of whom develop crushes on her. She has also fallen foul of the Emperor, gangs of bandits, is made a princess of the realm, and...found herself falling in love again and again, knowing that true love could be her ticket out of the game world and back to her modern life. But after a quirk of fate cheats her out of an escape, she feels she is destined to live out the rest of her days in this fantastic world, forever completing game-like missions. She resolves to spend her days with the jealous but devoted Zhong Wu Mei (Gong Jun), but faces a new challenge when a former lover (Alen Fang) is respawned as a Persian prince who comes to court looking to pick a quarrel with Zhong Wu Mei! This drama is the sequel to “Unique Lady” Parts 1 and 2 (both 2019). “Unique Lady 2” is a 2020-2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lin He Long.