Bob Bissonnette : ROCKSTAR. All the Way.
Roberto "Bob" Bissonnette, with his inescapable magnetism, boundless energy, leadership and passion for everything he undertook, dared to create his life according to his own vision, in an independent way. From his hockey career, where he was captain of the Hull Olympiques, as well as the 10th most punished player in the history of the Quebec Junior Major Hockey League (QMJHL), to his career as a singer, songwriter, and composer, he left his imprint in the imagination and drew large numbers of fans throughout Quebec, French Canada and french speaking european countries. His tragic death in a helicopter crash at the age of 35 caused a real shock wave. Enriched by numerous archive photos, footages and interviews featuring his family, his friends, his teammates, his band, his girlfriend and several important people in Roberto "Bob" Bissonnette's life, Bruno Lachance's film is nothing less than the best documentary in the world! It is about the story of a legend, a rockstar, who won't leave anyone indifferent.
Starring Mike Ward, Chantal Machabée, Jean-Charles Lajoie
Director Bruno Lachance