Honza is a likable crook who is known in the underworld as the expert on locks, computers, electronics and cars. He is also an incorrigible womanizer but women still love him. Honza is now in a tricky situation as he owes loads of money to mobster Vykoukal. If Honza doesn‘t steal the painting called The Girl in blue with grenades he will be in huge trouble. Fortunately he is saved by a coincidence - in the way he mixed up his double Richard - high school teacher, disciplinarian and a good guy. The life of these two will drastically change. While Honza is having good time in Richard‘s shoes at home and at school, Richard is hounded by the mafia because they don‘t believe that he is not Honza. When the Mafia gets its hands on his daughter, Richard has no choice but to forget about decent manners and find a way to outwit the Mafia, its gorillas and get the painting and his daughter to safety…
Starring Ondřej Sokol, Jakub Kohák, Jitka Schneiderová
Director Jirí Chlumský