Tormented and teased at her high school, Emily Hanson’s only escape is in her drawing: disturbing sketches that depict a crazed killer on a bloody rampage. In fact, that killer is her father Tom who snapped eight years ago and murdered a dozen people. He has been locked away for all those years in a mental institution and everyone at school thinks Emily should be locked up with him. Emily’s only friend Carrie wishes Emily would just try to fit in. And there is a perfect opportunity for them to do that; Jason and Frank, part of the ‘in’ crowd, are having a party. But even if Emily wanted to go, she has to stay home and baby-sit her mute brother, Jeremy. Little does Emily know that she is in for a night of unrelenting terror and madness; her father has escaped and is coming home, forcing Emily to confront her demons once and for all.
Starring Ellen MacNevin, Connor Fielding, Owen Fielding
Director Jeffery Scott Lando