Wild Run: The Legend
Lavaltrie, 1888. Jos Lebel and Liza Gilbert are in love. But Liza has a debt to pay; she does not know this, but twenty-two years before, her father made a deal with the devil… a deal that he would later not fulfill. Today, the sinister Jack Murphy has come to town for reparations. Quickly, a suspicious fire forces Jos back to the logging camps; the notary Boisjoli is circling around the beautiful Liza… and, winter is coming. The worksite seems cursed and, having had no word from her beloved, worry starts to ravage Liza. Will Jos make it back from the logging camp and escape the sinister forces that seem to be plaguing the site? His final hope, his only hope might just be in the bewitched canoe… for one final Wild Run.
Starring Francis Ducharme, Caroline Dhavernas, François Papineau
Director Jean-Philippe Duval