Mark Cendrowski

Mark Cendrowski

Mark Cendrowski grew up in Detroit suburb of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Cendrowki was first drawn to comedy as a hobby, making up skits with his childhood friend David Coulier. After graduating from Notre Dame High School, he attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to pursue film and television production. While at school he toyed with the idea of doing stand-up, performing at local comedy clubs where he met his wife in the process. After graduating, Cendrowski headed to Hollywood to get his hands dirty in production. He dove right in, doing odd jobs from running scripts, handling props and generally absorbing all the moving parts that make a television set run. After putting in his time, he was promoted to stage manager, where he reunited with his childhood friend David Coulier while working on "Full House" (ABC 1987-1995). He followed that up with a stint on "Roseanne" (ABC 1988-1997), where he worked with actor Johnny Galecki, who would later become one of the stars of "Big Bang Theory." As his stage work helped him hone his organizational skills on set, Cendrowski's ultimate goal was to direct. He quickly transitioned to associate director, working on a number of sitcoms including the Margaret Cho sitcom "All-American Girl" (ABC 1994-95) and "Malcolm and Eddie" (UPN 1996-2000). While working on the UPN comedy, Cendrowski then started directing full time, which led to shows like "Yes, Dear" (CBS 2000-06), "The Jamie Foxx Show" (WB 1996-2001), "King of Queens" (CBS 1998-2007) and "According to Jim" (ABC 2001-09) which was one of his biggest successes.After having kids, he switched gears to tackle youth programming for Disney so that his kids could watch his work, from "Wizards of Waverly Place" (Disney Channel 2007-2012) to "Hannah Montana" (Disney Channel 2006-2011). With a sizeable amount of experience behind the camera, Cendrowski was handed the reigns on "The Big Bang Theory," earning the show multiple Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe nod and accolades from the Director's Guild of America. An expert multitasker, Cendrowski also directed episodes of other projects such as "Rules of Engagement" (CBS 2007-2013), Seth Macfarlane's "Dads" (FOX 2013-) and "Super Fun Night" (ABC 2013-) starring the Australian comic Rebel Wilson.