Ai-Chan’s Secret
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An athletic tomboy, Aiko “Ai” Kasumi (Yuna Taira) absolutely loves basketball. A member of her school’s basketball club, Ai can easily outplay everyone at school, including every member of the boys’ basketball team, with the exception of one. A star both on the court and off, Reo Amano (Kanta Sato) can not only out-play Ai on the court but has just as many adoring fans in school, making him the proverbial thorn in Ai’s side. Envious of Reo’s skill and popularity, Ai declares him her rival and is determined to outdo him, every chance she gets. But out-performing the best isn’t easy, even with skills as amazing as Ai’s. Always feeling like she’s one step behind Reo, Ai struggles to find a way to take down her greatest rival. Lucky for her, fortune decides to smile upon her in the most unexpected way. With her brother’s maid cafe in desperate need of help, Ai agrees to start working part-timet. But her brother won’t give her the job unless she’s willing to take on a more girly look. With a wig and some makeup, Ai trades her usual tomboy look for one more suited to the role of maid cafe waitress. Sporting her new look, Ai inadvertently catches the eye of Reo, who wastes no time in asking her out.  With plans to make Reo fall madly in love with her so that she can then dump him and leave him heartbroken, Ai sees dating Reo as the perfect way to take down her greatest rival. But could the time they spend together cause her to have a change of heart? Based on the manga of the same name by Kaori, “Ai-Chan’s Secret” is a 2021 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Toru Matsuura.