Black Cinderella
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When Kamiya Manaha (Riko) was very young, she attended a beauty contest with her family, and got separated from her mother. The stunning beauty queen winner of the contest took pity on the young child, and brought her on stage to help her find her family. This incident bewitched her, and ever since she has harbored secret dreams of becoming a beauty queen herself, much to her family’s displeasure. Now aged 17 and in high school, she has grown up shy and lacking in self-confidence, convinced that she is a plain Jane who wouldn’t stand a chance in a beauty competition. When a local cultural fair organizer announces that it will hold a beauty pageant for high schoolers, she dreams of entering, but dare not – convinced that the school’s most stunning students will be crowned king and queen. But when a chance occurrence takes place at a bus stop, she gets to talking to Tachibana Keigo (Kamio Fuju), an incredibly handsome, but preening and vain classmate. Over time, she starts to form an unlikely friendship with him. She also meets a newcomer to the scene, Shimamura Sora (Mizuki Itagaki), an equally dashing recent transfer student that few in the class know very much about. Against all odds, the two boys start to develop feelings for her, and she starts to consider entering the pageant – but will her beauty dreams ever come true? “Black Cinderella” is a 2021 Japanese drama series that was directed by Kawamura Taisuke.