Famous Food
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Linking the name of a celebrity to a Hollywood restaurant is a recipe that can lead to a booming business, but it's not a guarantee. The concept is put to the test in "Famous Food," which gives seven celebrities the chance to turn a West Hollywood property into a successful restaurant. Heidi Montag ("The Hills"), Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos") and former Eliot Spitzer paramour Ashley Dupre are among the famous food connoisseurs who, for eight weeks, work together to renovate the space, create a marketing plan, craft a menu, hire a staff and perform other duties to get the eatery ready for business. Their progress is measured by restaurateurs Mike Malin and Lonnie Moore, who also assess the celebrities' individual achievements (or lack thereof). After the grand opening, Malin and Moore pick a most valuable celebrity, who is awarded a partnership stake in the restaurant.