Full-Time Magister 2
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Some time ago, Mo Fan, an ordinary ninth-grader fell asleep wearing a strange pendant. When he awoke, he found himself in a world where magic was taught in place of science at school. Magicians are very important in this world, as they are Mo Fan’s hometown’s only defense against fierce monsters who lurk in forests and sometimes venture into town… He managed to gain a place at a magic high school, and tried to capture the power of two magical elements. But now, having defeated a fearsome opponent, Mo Fan has won the opportunity to train at a sacred spring. Legend has it that magicians training at the spring can augment their powers – and become master spell-weavers! But his plans are thrown into turmoil when the monsters launch a fresh assault on the town – just as an evil order of magicians hatches a wicked plan of its own. Their appearance could threaten the safety of the spring. Can Mo Fan save the spring from danger? This series is the sequel to the 2016 animation “Full-Time Magister Season 1.” “Full-Time Magister Season 2” is a 2017 Chinese animated series.