Heart Signal 5
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What happens when a group of strangers starts living together under one roof? The answer is simple: ANYTHING! Back for its fifth season, this ever-popular matchmaking reality program has brought together a group of strangers, and this time, they’re all from Shanghai. Coming from all different walks of life, this new group of strangers has been invited to spend the next thirty days living together and the results could either be incredible or disastrous! With a front-row view, a group of celebrity panelists, including Angelababy, Zoey Meng, Silence Wang, Wu Xin, and Lee Seung Hyun provide commentary on the interactions between the housemates. Each an expert in different areas, will these panelists be able to predict which residents are destined to find love? As unpredictable a game of love as ever, “Heart Signal 5” is a 2022 Chinese variety show distributed by Tencent Video.