Chuang 2020
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A hundred talented female trainees hailing from China, South Korea, and elsewhere in the world come together to compete in a tense survival audition contest that will see the winners form a seven-member girl group. Judges and viewers will decide the fate of the contestants, who will need to reside at a massive, fantasy castle-themed dormitory complex for the duration of the contest – or until they are eliminated. The trainees must prove their dancing and singing capabilities in front of millions of viewers, as they hone their skills and show off their musical and dancing abilities. The field is strong and contains a number of established and experienced stars, such as Sally, a member of K-pop girl group gugudan, former D.Holic member Hami, Russian K-pop star Lana, and ex-SM Rookie Girls member Yiyang. Helping along the way will be seasoned mentors Huang Zi Tao, Lu Han, Mao Buyi, and ex-f(x) member Victoria Song – ready to offer expert advice to these new budding stars. Who will make the final cut, who will go on to become a future star – and can the new girl group conquer the world of Chinese pop? “Chuang 2020” is a 2020 Chinese music-themed reality/variety show.