My Little Boys: A-Nee-Gu
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A-Nee-Gu and his family are anything but conventional. First, there’s A-Nee-Gu, the youngest member of the family. He’s determined to learn how to swim – or at least hold his breath underwater, be it in a swimming pool or a small fish tank! He also wants to stop his father from getting up in the middle of the night to stuff his face with chocolate and sweet treats, because the whole family is worried that the man of the house is growing fat and could develop diabetes. The trouble is, Daddy (a science fiction writer) has a habit of turning into an aggressive T-Rex when he’s midnight snacking! Mommy tries to keep the house in order, while A-Nee-Gu gets some valuable life tips from his diligent older brother. And there is one more member of this unusual family: Donnie, a remarkable alien dog who has the power to communicate with the two boys. What life lessons will the boys embark on – and will Mommy, Daddy, and Donnie be on hand to help? This series was based on a 2018 Taiwanese animated film and a novel of the same name, which was authored by Luo Yi Jun. “My Little Boys: A-Nee-Gu” is a 2021 Taiwanese musical drama series.