Mysterious Love
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Having spent her entire life dreaming of the day she would land her first role, Ruan Nian Chu (Yu Yue) has worked hard to get where she is today. An actress whose bright smile and quirky personality quickly steals the hearts of everyone she meets, Nian Chu is finally starting to see her years of hard work start to pay off. Currently shooting on-location, Nian Chu couldn’t be happier; but all of her happiness is dashed in an instant, when an on-set accident nearly claims her life. As if put there by fate, Li Teng (Tsao Yu Ning) happens to witness Nian Chu’s accident. Seeing the actress in danger, Li Teng fearlessly comes to her rescue, pulling her to safety and not a moment too soon. Despite being considered cold and arrogant by those around him, in the eyes of Nian Chu, Li Teng could never be anything short of a hero. Forever grateful to the man who saved her life, Nian Chu can’t help but think fondly of Li Teng. Little does she know that her bright personality is quickly melting Li Teng’s cold heart. Unfortunately, their budding feelings never have a chance to blossom, as the two are destined to walk very different paths in life.  Five years later, Nian Chu and Li Teng are brought together once again, their old feelings for each other quickly rekindled. But it soon becomes apparent that outside forces are determined to keep them apart. Will the two find a way to overcome the obstacles set before them or will fate tear them apart once again? Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” by Ni Shui Qian Liu, “Mysterious Love” is a suspenseful 2021 romance drama directed by Ming Yan.