The Hot Generation
The Hot Generation captures the last hurah of the original longboard era in Australia, it's no tame farewell, the late 60's was a time of explosive change. The celebrated session of Nat and McTavish at Honolua Bay is the most obvious signpost here to surfing’s bold new direction, the performance of their radical vee-bottoms sounding the death knell for the longboard establishment. The DVD release of The Hot Generation is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Brennan and Bobby Brown, and the sequence of the pair sharing waves at Tallows is as good a reason as any to remember them. Dolphins, sunshine, fabulous glassy peelers and two standout surfers having the time of their lives. This film has been reborn and has never looked better.
Hauptdarsteller:innen Nat Young, Bob McTavish, Bobby Brown
Regie Paul Witzig