Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis

Actress Brianne Davis parlayed her fame as the star of numerous independent films and television series, including "Six" (History Channel, 2017-), into a hyphenate career that included producing and directing for feature films. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Davis began her career as a model at the age of 12, which led to appearances in television commercials and in 2000, her first screen role with a bit part in the high school sports drama "Remember the Titans. She soon moved to Los Angeles, and after landing a guest role on a 2001 episode of "Dawson's Creek" (The WB, 1998-2003), Davis worked steadily in features and episodic television. There were occasional forays into mainstream projects, most notably a turn as Jake Gyllenhaal's girlfriend in "Jarhead" and recurring roles on "True Blood" (HBO, 2008-2014) and "Casual" (Hulu, 2015-18), but for the most part, Davis was a dependable presence in independent films and in particular, horror films like "Prom Night" (2008) and "The Victim" (2011), directed by actor Michael Biehn. By 2013, Davis began producing and directing independent features, which again, were largely in the horror vein, such as "The Night Visitor 2: Heather's Story" (2016). That same year, she began work on the History Channel drama series "Six" (2016-), about the individuals who serve in the U.S. Army's SEAL teams, as well as their families. Davis was cast as Lena Graves, wife of the team's lead (Barry Sloane); the drama, which was created by former Marine turned writer/producer William Broyles ("Apollo 13," 1993) debuted in 2017 and was renewed for its second season that same year.