The Chopin Shorts: Mixing Worlds Collection
The Chopin Shorts is a collection of short films by award-winning animators. Each short is set to one of Chopin’s etudes, performed by star pianists from the Lang Lang Foundation. Mixing Worlds Collection consists of: "Paper Piano" (set to Opus 25. No. 7), which tells the tale of a young Venezuelan girl, who negotiates the urban jungle of Caracas every week to be part of the ground breaking Youth Orchestra movement “El Sistema” where kids, often from impoverished backgrounds, begin by learning music on paper instruments which they construct themselves. "Lexdysia" (set to Opus 25. No. 6) inventively combines live action and different forms of animation. A boy with dyslexia is struggling to read; the words contort into all manner of fantastical fare, and come out of the book and dance a wild dance around his room. "Chopin to Infinity" (set to Opus 10. No. 8) combines 3D animation with 3D aerial photography. This follows the flying machine as seen in many of the other Chopin Shorts on a journey over San Francisco Bay.
Starring Hanne Berkaak, Bo Fagerli, Diego Rojas Picón
Director Marianela Maldonado, Marc Reisberg