The Last Playlist
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Legendary record producer, Nick Silver, decides he wants to become relevant again. Nick sets out to curate a playlist of up and coming singer songwriters in Los Angeles. Nick’s larger than life persona gets challenged when he’s diagnosed with a brain tumor that is pushing against his aural nerve. He’s told he has three months until he goes completely deaf. Nick turns introspective and points the camera intended for him to shoot live music on himself. In the last days of Nick’s golden ears, Nick speaks his memoir into bathroom mirrors all over town. Nick reunites with his long lost love, adult film legend, Nina Hartley. Nick meets rising songwriter, like Mason Reed and the musicians play their own live songs in the film. Nick begins to mentor Mason and coach him on love. Mason’s muse, ex girlfriend Lissie describes Mason’s common male like tendencies to live like Peter Pan. Nick hires independent A & R rep and music manager, Christian Stavros (Papa, Waters, King Tuff) who helps Nick curate songwriters, he shares intimate conversations with Elle King (Billboard #1, Ex’s & Ohs). The Last Playlist is a biography reflecting on a life in music. The Last Playlist is a live music mockumentary. After 20 years in obscurity, legendary music producer Nick Silver returns to prove he is still relevant, and he decides to produce a playlist. Nick’s sonic mortality is challenged when his doctor diagnoses a brain tumor, he’s told he has three months until he will be completely deaf. Along the way, Nick meets musicians like Mason Reed. The partnership starts off as random meeting on the street, but soon becomes an enlightening relationship filled with self-realization for Nick. Nick Silver’s return to the music world becomes an inspired look at on mans in life in love and rock n roll.
Starring Alan Berger, Nina Hartley, Mason Reed
Director Matthew Arnold