Gilles Cohen

Gilles Cohen

Gilles Cohen is a French actor with a filmography that began in the mid-1980s. After beginning his career on the stage, Cohen took small roles in films like 1985's "Parking" and 1989's "Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed." After his brief debut, Cohen took an extended leave from film acting and didn't appear in anything from 1992 to 2001. But then, in the 2000s, Cohen's career saw a substantial resurgence. In 2004, he played Simon in the French drama "Kings and Queen." The film was a critical smash, earning nine awards and getting nominated for an additional nine. The next year, in 2005, Cohen nabbed a major role in the French crime drama "The Beat That My Heart Skipped." Cohen played Sami, a shady and callous real estate broker who will stop at nothing to expand his business. The film was yet another sterling addition to Cohen's resume, having earned 17 awards. Cohen's next high-profile role would come in 2008, in the film "The Girl from Monaco." Cohen played Louis Lasalle, a man forced to protect his mother from Russian mobsters. While the crime comedy received mixed reviews, it was still nominated for two César Awards, continuing Cohen's stretch of roles in prestige films. A year later Cohen would take a supporting role in yet another critically lauded film, 2009's "A Prophet."