William Dozier

William Dozier

William Dozier was a producer and actor best known for helping the classic 1960s series, "Batman," become one of television's all-time campiest shows. Dozier got his start in the world of film as he and his then-wife, actress Joan Fontaine, co-founded the company Rampart Productions, which was responsible for the 1948 film "Letter from an Unknown Woman." By the early 1950s, Dozier had married another actress, Ann Rutherford, and began working in the television industry, with his first notable contribution being executive producer for over 50 episodes of "Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers." But it would be during the 1960s that Dozier would do his best work, as he served as executive producer for two of the eras most beloved action-adventure series, "Batman" and "The Green Hornet." On both shows, Dozier served in an uncredited role as the smooth-voiced, perpetually excitable narrator. However, Dozier abruptly retired in the late 1960s, with his last credit a producer's role on the 1969 crime caper "The Big Bounce."