Douglas Spain

Douglas Spain

A handsome, dark-haired and charismatic Latino actor with a promising future, Douglas Spain gained rave reviews and audience attention for his starring turn as a youth with dreams of stardom who is forced into prostitution by his father in Miguel Arteta's "Star Maps" (1997). A native of Southern California, the actor had previously appeared as a gangster in the HBO movie "Flashfire" (1994) and played the title character as a teenager in the TNT TV-movie "Tecumseh: The Last Warrior" (1995). After "Star Maps" premiered at Sundance, Spain fielded a number of offers, including a role as a troubled youth in the Showtime movie "Riot" (1997) and guest appearances on such series as "Nothing Sacred" and "Nash Bridges." He completed his second feature lead as a Native American with a mysterious past in the independent feature "Ricochet River" (lensed in 1997).


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