Drew Scott

Drew Scott

With an interest in both the performing arts and the business of real estate, Drew Scott was seemingly the perfect candidate to host a successful reality show about buying and selling property. Born in Vancouver, Canada Scott and his twin brother Jonathan enjoyed horseback riding and competing in karate tournaments throughout their youths. When the two enrolled at the University of Calgary with an interest in acting, they were struck by the idea of investing in real estate to fund their careers as performers. They bought their first house at age 17 and flipped it within four years. From that key moment, Scott Real Estate was born. Scott would continue to perform in sketch comedy troupes, even appearing on an episode of the series "Smallville" (WB, 2001-2011), and used his successful real estate business to fund his own projects, such as writing, producing, and directing the short film "A Better Me" (2009) and "In the Dark" (2010). In 2011, the Scott brothers caught the attention of producers at HGTV, who tapped the pair to appear in a reality series in which they use their skills to help couples and families transform fixer-uppers into enviable homes. The show was called "Property Brothers" (HGTV, 2011-), and it would prove such a success that it spawned a spin-off series, "Property Brothers at Home" (HGTV, 2014-).

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