Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell was dancing and studying ballet by age four, but, while living in Turkey, was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. After wearing back braces and having an operation, Campbell was told she would never be able to dance professionally and switched to drama. Her first break came after college when ABC paid her way to New York and put her in the daytime drama "Ryan's Hope," although the show was soon canceled due to declining ratings. Campbell moved to Los Angeles and landed the role of a rich girl who was mistakenly behind bars on "Women in Prison" (Fox, 1988), her first sitcom. She returned to daytime with a regular role on the NBC soap "Santa Barbara" (1988). The following year, it was back to primetime in the summer comedy "Knight & Daye" (NBC, 1989). After making guest shots, Campbell had the recurring role of the hero's girlfriend in "Herman's Head" (Fox, 1991), was a beautician infatuated with Robert Hays on "Cutters" (CBS, 1993), and the savvy '90s woman partnered with two fledglings in "Blue Skies" (ABC, 1993). She next signed on as Cherie, the neighbor to the "Men Behaving Badly" (NBC, 1996), but left soon after the series began airing. She made her feature film debut in "Body Count" (1988), and was leading lady to Dana Carvey in "Opportunity Knocks" (1990).


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