Being Sold
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Recently made redundant and finding himself down on his luck, John puts himself up for sale on an online auction after a drunken night. He only remembers when he wakes up, to find a news crew camped out on his front lawn and the UK media glaring at him through unforgiving, inconsiderate eyes. As his hangover slowly subsides and the implications of being on sale slowly dawn on John, we see him struggling to make sense of his bizarre predicament. Winner of Best Film and Best Actor at the London Independent Film Festival, the hilarious Being Sold is "a honest hit of social drama" (Empire Magazine) and "revolutionary, innovative and very clever... a smart and witty comedy drama" (FMV Magazine). The film stars a host of new and established talent including Lee Boardman (Rome), Eva Pope (Waterloo Road), Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather) and cameos from comedians John Thomson, Justin Moorhouse, Lucy Porter, Roy Walker and more. A donation of this sale goes to Amnesty International in support of their human trafficking campaign.
Starring Christopher Dane, Lee Boardman, Eva Pope
Director Phil Hawkins