Eden tells the story of Karine, a 30 year old woman, who lives in the suburbs of a big city, Rio de Janeiro. 8 months pregnant, she is in mourning for her husband, Juninho, recently murdered in a senseless attack. Karine is taken to the Evangelical Church of Eden by her brother, to meet Pastor Naldo, leader of the church. The Pastor tries to get Karine to transform her pain into action, wanting her to fight for the memory of her husband and take part in his campaign Fatherless Children of the Baixada Fluminense. The Baixada is one of Rio’s most violent districts. Karine takes up the challenge but, once inside the church, finds herself involved in an ambivalent environment of religion and politics, of faith and power. Karine begins to wonder whether she will find her salvation in the church or in the birth of her son.
Starring Leandra Leal, João Miguel, Júlio Andrade
Director Bruno Safadi