Hamish Linklater

Hamish Linklater

Linklater made his feature debut with "Groove" (2000), a charming independent film focusing on an underground rave and a web of people related to it, which screened to acclaim at 2000's Sundance Film Festival. He played David, a shy and idealistic technical writer who ends up at the party at his scenester brother's insistence. His understated and intuitive portrayal of the first timer was among the highlights of the film, and he displayed an alluring vulnerability as well as enjoyable onscreen chemistry with co-star Lola Glaudini. That fall, Linklater made his television series debut with a regular role on the short-lived medical drama "Gideon's Crossing" (ABC, 2000-01). Here he played Dr. Bruce Cherry, a second-year resident with a somewhat shady penchant for coming out on top no matter the situation. After a featured part in acclaimed HBO TV movie "Live from Baghdad" (2002), Linklater had a recurring role on the period drama "American Dreams" (NBC, 2002-05) and a small turn in the superhero hit "Fantastic Four" (2005). The following year, he joined the cast of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (CBS, 2006-2010), playing Matthew, the slightly nerdy brother of the sitcom's title character (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Focusing largely on the show during that time, he returned prominently to films after the series ended, co-starring with Miranda July in her quirky indie comedy "The Future" (2011). Moving on to supporting parts in the alien-invasion bomb "Battleship" (2012) and the romantic comedy "Lola Versus" (2012), Linklater couldn't stay away from television for long, appearing briefly on the Showtime dramedy "The Big C" (2010-13). Having a notably busy year in 2013, he was featured in the historical baseball drama "42," had a stint on the Aaron Sorkin series "The Newsroom" (HBO, 2012-14) and signed on as a regular on the sitcom "The Crazy Ones" (CBS, 2013-14), starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.




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